Playsam Toy Motorcycle


The objective was to create a motorcycle for the exclusive toy and gift manufacturer Playsam which ┬ácaptures the essence of the brand’s identity.

The Playsam products are both playful and archetypal in their designs, so clear that they are immediately identified as Playsam. Silhouettes with varying levels of details were explored through sketches. A reference group was then asked to assess which option they identified as the clearest and simplest representation of a motorcycle. The version which received the most votes and the one I chose to go with is a simplified shape inspired by a classic racing motorcycle where the upper line is arched as if the driver is crouching behind a windscreen. During 3d modeling the design was further refined. The wooden main shape has a groove in which a metal plate is fitted. The wheels are mounted close to each side of the plate, allowing it to stand upright steadily without losing the character of a motorcycle.