Touch Simulating Device


”Through cutting edge haptic technology this hi-tech device emulates the temperature and texture of the artifact being scanned in real time. Allowing for the user to fully experience the physical properties of any object without touching. Ideal for use in an exhibition environment where artifacts may not be touched. 

An ultrasonic sensor maps the density and texture of the scanned area while the infrared sensors determines the temperature of the surface. The information is processed and converted into haptic feedback signals in the grip that recreates the sense of touching the material in real time.” 


If you can not exhibit an object so that it can be interacted with, is it worth exhibiting at all? Most art galleries and museums exhibit their valuable artifacts behind experience limiting barriers such as security ropes and glass boxes. You could get the equivalent experience of seeing an object behind glass from a computer screen.

The exhibition as a format needs to be more. It needs to be welcoming, inclusive and interactive. Having guards, ”do not touch-signs” and security ropes are not those things. The touch-simulating device manifests the unfeasibility in this hostile standard of exhibition design.