Hisingsbron Gift Shop


The aim of this project was to visualize an aspect or possible outcome for one of Gothenburg City’s current development projects. Our project group was designated to the bridge ”Hisingsbron”, planned to be completed in 2020.

The city has stated that this bridge is to become a new landmark. A landmark is used to sell the image of a city as attractive, a form of packaging. We accepted this vision and decided to help this cause by creating a visual identity connected to the history of the dock area, along with ”genuine” products to capitalize on the commercial possibilities that this new landmark offers. Encouraging a debate whether the commercialization of public space is necessary for the development of a city or not.

This project was completed within the Design Master at HDK and presented to the Gothenburg Office of City Planning in February 2015.

Project group: Joakim Karlsson, Johanna Lepikkö, Robert Larsson and Qian Ou