Blå Stället


This project investigates the possibility for the Blå Stället culture house in Angered to empower the local youth focusing on the following actions:

  • Dedicated youth program producer
  • Separate identity
  • Digital workshop / Outdoor activities
  • Apprenticeship

This is a directly applicable action plan created to show how Blå Stället could change it’s organizational structure and communication to attract and empower the youth. I visualized these ideas through a program/poster containing activities relevant for youth culture focused on learning new skills and taking part in new cultural contexts. The visual language of the program/poster is meant to demonstrate a way of communicating on the terms of the target group, being somewhat of a rebellious force within Blå Stället. I gave it the name ’Istället’ (Instead of) to emphasis this idea. An essential part of my suggestion is to make the participants become activity leaders. This way the youths would be integrated into the movement step by step and their influence would gradually increase creating commitment and truly making it their own movement of empowerment.


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